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Re: Besant, Blavatsky and History

Feb 02, 1994 02:59 PM
by Arvind Kumar

> made Judge the "sole representative" of the American ES.
> Blavatsky made Besant the Recording Secretary of the British
> Section ES (i.e. she took notes on business conducted).  I'm
> bringing this up in order to put a little perspective on your
> campaign to prove that Blavatsky spoke highly of Besant.

I have not read anything written by Judge so far, but thanks for
this 'perspective'.

  Nother could be further from the truth.
> Paul says that this "disfiguring" isn't being done anymore.  I
> don't know.  The last instance of this being done that came to my
> attention was around 1989, but I haven't been watching lately.

And what was the book or topic in 1989 that was 'disfigured'?

>      Now look at Section IX of Codd's version of the KEY.  It is
> titled "On Life After Death."  The corresponding section in the
> original edition is called "On the Kama-Loka and Devachan."  Why
> did Miss Codd rename this section, when all of the other's retain
> their original names?  This section also happens to be where HPB
> enumerates and defines the seven human principles in detail.  But
> all of this is cut out in Codd's version.  Why?  Could it be that
> because Besant and Leadbeater renamed and redefined the seven
> principles, the editor thought that it would be better not to
> "confuse" the reader with the fact that HPB had a different
> system with different definitions?  Inconvenient material such as
> this may stimulate an actively questioning reader to compare the
> systems, and perhaps draw the "wrong" conclusions.

This is interesting.  I'd definitely like to see the Key in
its entirety.  If it is not a part of BCWs, I'd like to buy it

>      It took me about two minutes to discover these discrepancies
> in Codd's version of the KEY.  Imagine what I might find if I put
> an hour into it.  A theosophical historian once concluded a
> conference paper with the observation that the Theosophical
> Society ought to be more straight forward about their practices
> and change their motto to: "There is no religion higher than (a
> carefully edited version of the) truth."

This is hilarious but surely TSA has produced some good work as well.
I am particularly impressed by John Algeo and his articles that
I have seen.

>      I would strongly recommend that you take some time to start
> reading histories in order to get your sense of chronology
> straight.  Past statements about returning ES material to Judge
> in 1921, or Blavatsky quoting from a book written eleven years
> after she was dead, are obvious blunders you wouldn't make if you
> took the time to read some theosophical history.  Or at least,
> please give it some thought--It will give you a whole new
> perspective.

I thought I'd double check with you on the address to which I
should send a check for $ 14 to subscribe to Theosophical History;
I have:

Dr. James A. Santucci
Dept of Religious Studies
California State University
Fullerton CA  92634-9480

Is this correct?

Bye for now -

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