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Theosophical History

Feb 02, 1994 01:44 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry H-E/Paul:

What is a good book to get a perspective on theosophical
history?  Am I correct in assuming that there is another
volume of HPB Collected Writings coming that will contain
her letters?

Also, is the original Key to Theosophy included in one of
these volumes of CWs?

> The question of HPB's genuine attitudes toward various
> Theosophists is confusing due to the conflicting evidence.  In
> Judge's case, Michael Gomes's research shows that he didn't
> escape her wrath either.  I understand that she abuses Olcott a
> lot in the forthcoming letters volume of the BCW.

Below Paul is mentioning that the Theosophical movement looks at
HPB through Sinnett's eyes.  What does it mean? This is directly
opposed to my impression that most mainline theosophists have
greater regard for HPB than for Sinnett.  Does this have anything
to do with the Mahatma Letters to Sinnett?  At least publicly (in
SD) HPB has lavishly praised Sinnett and  referred  to Esoteric
Buddhism rather frequently as a genuine theosophical work.

> One thing I hope the new volume of letters will do is liberate
> the Theosophical movement from seeing HPB through Sinnett's
> eyes.  Since the two of them ended up so mutually hostile, one
> cannot help wondering just how honest she would have been with
> him-- as compared to, say, Hartmann-- on important elements in
> her life.  I have mentioned here before that the version of
> Master M. told to Sinnett ended up being orthodox Theosophical
> dogma despite conflicting with at least three other versions--
> mutually contradictory themselves.  Why would Sinnett be the
> one she would choose to tell the real truth?


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