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Comments to Rodrigo and others

Feb 02, 1994 09:50 AM
by Arvind Kumar


I am glad to see your first couple of messages on theos-l.
You wrote, among other things:

>I apologize to all readers, if my comments are out of line with your
>normal methods and ideology, but I am not a Theosophist, but rather a

I'd like to point out that the real qualification to be a
theosophist is not belonging to a theosophical orgganization,
but rather your outlook on life/attitudes/character; HPB
has pointed out at many places that most theosophists are
'outside the membership of the theosophical society'!  So, as
long as you are searching for the truth, you are one of us in
this group.  I donot believe that we have a 'normal methods and

I also happen to know about your intense interest in Magick, and
the works of Dion Fortune.  Perhaps you can say a few words
about these when possible, as also your experience in being
associated with the BBS on New Age type of topics in the North
Carolina area (there are many in this  group belonging to the
NC area who may like to look into that BBS).

Jerry S.
Thanks for your suggestions on how to use dreams as tools of
learning.  I have noticed a change in my attitude during
the dream state over the years to the same or similar stimulii,
and I am going to be a more careful observer of my
thoughts/feelings/actions during the dream state (as much as
I try to do this during the wakeful state also).

Jim Anderson
You wrote an excellent, insightful  message (a long one with something
for almost everyone on theos-l) sometime back but have not posted
anything lately (and I donot believe I saw any answer from you
to Jerry H-E's follow-up message to you).  I'd love to hear from you
more often, if it is possible for you to spend more time on theos-l
at all.

Best Regards to all/Arvind

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