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ABesant Quoted in Key

Feb 01, 1994 08:04 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi Paul/Jerry H-E,

This is regarding the following statement in a message
that I posted yesterday:

"Also, I have to point out that
HPB in 'Key to Theosophy' has talked very highly about Besant,
and in fact has quoted from Besant ('Study in Consciousness')
so unless you point out something specific in these ES teachings
that is against what HPB taught, it may be that there is validity
in these ES materials as well."

I have the following comments on it today:
(a)I am glad to see that there are others besides Jerry H-E
and myself who are following along our discussions (I have
often shied away from asking others questions in the middle
of a message on AAB/HPB because I am not sure whether others
are reading this stuff or not; now I know that at least Paul
reads the AAB/HPB discussion).

(b)I do remember having read a quote from ABesant on
'consciousness' in one of the several books/journals recently,
but I have read so voraciously in the past few days that I
obviously have mixed up my references.  I was going thru the
Clara Codd edition of the Key (which indeed is the only
edition I have currently with me) today in an effort to see
what I could find about ABesant in it, but alas, it does not
have an index, and the only quote I could find was on p.143:

"What I am about to read to you is from the pen of a national
saviour [Clara Codd has put a footnote to indicate that HPB
is referring to ABesant here], one who, having overcome self,
and being free to choose, has elected to serve humanity,
in bearing at least as much as a woman's shoulders can possibly
bear of national Karma.  This is what she says:
[There is a long quote here which has very little to do with
consciousness; at least it is not the quote that I was hoping
to find]."

So I am sorry for having misled you by insunuating that HPB
had quoted from ABesant's 'Study in Consciousness'.  I donot see
any quote in the Key either by HPB or by Clara from 'Study in
Consciousness'.  I should also like to take the opportunity
to say that I found Clara Codd's version of the Key to be
extremely easy to read and for many this may be the perfect
book to read, esp. those who find HPB's writing style difficult
to follow (I am not one of them but I know there are many
out there in this category).

One of these days I will have the Index to HPB's CWs, and I hope
then I should be able to look up all references by HPB to ABesant, and
possibly consciousness (in the meantime if anyone out there can
do it for me, that will be great).  Also, I am going to
'scratch my head a bit more' to figure out where I saw the quote
on consciousness by ABesant (it certainly presented ABesant in an
excellent light).

Also, Paul, I contacted the local Radhasoami couple that I
know, in order to find info for you.  BTW, they are vegetarians
and they are famous for throwing parties which I have attended
with my family at which no alcohlic beverages are served. They
gave me the name of the local coordinator for the Radhasoamis in
the Dallas/Fortworth area (apprently they meet every so often
regularly); so you can feel free to contact this person at the
following phone numbers to get any info about Radasoamis you want:
Janaki Viswanathan (214 231 4444 Res; 214 442-4143 ofc).  I am not
sure if you want me to contact this person (it will be a local call
for me) but I thought I'd give this info to you anyways.

> There's gotta be some kind of mistake in attributing praise of
> AB and her Study in Consciousness to HPB in the Key.  Or else I
> missed something in my reading of it.  You must be seeing an
> interpolation by Clara Codd or some other Adyar person.  Study
> in Consciousness appeared years after the Key.
> One of the big objections of Judgeites against Adyar is the
> policy of disfiguring HPB's writings-- but this isn't being
> done any more and I doubt anything in print would mislead in
> the way this edition of the Key did.  Can you supply the quote
> in question so we can maybe figure out what's going on?



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