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Re: thoughts on imaginary numbers

Jan 31, 1994 10:26 PM
by Rodrigo de Ferres

This is a followup to Eldon's (I believe) post.

I enjoyed his post, and thought I would add my own observations.

There is a big difference between negative existance and negative
polarity.  Let's deal with the latter first.  A negative polarity is
a magnitude, a real physical (so to speak) property with a negative,
relative position or direction.  It exists.  It can be measured.
It can be observed.  It is as completely manifest as a positive
polarity.  The negative sign is a "special" thing in that we
arbitrarily choose to assign it to one of two dualistic extremes.
If you are further down the scale, say at -4, a -2 is positive in
relation to you.  So the "imaginary" number is more a property of
the "special" attribute of the sign than the number.

Negative existence is another thing altogether and is beyond the
abilities of my poor communication skills to describe for it is
unmanifest and non existant.  In Hebrew, and in the Qabalah, this is
referred to as Ain, or nothingness.  Ain is best represented
mathematically by the concept of zero, which I noticed was left out of
Eldon's post.  It is interesting to see how zero would fit in.

Also, I see 1 a bit differently.  One is balance, this is true.
Unity is balance, because it has no poles, no extremes.  But, it
is incomplete, for there is nothing with which it may be compared.
One is the first point of manifestation, out of the great sea of
limiless potential.  And, by its mere popping into existance, one
creates 2.  For as soon as you have one, you have all that is not
one, thus duality formed simultaneously with unity. Therefore one
is unity but, this is an inferior unity, a pale reflection of the
divine Unity (which is trinary in nature, Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain
Soph Aur, 3 in 1). 1 is active, male and formative, 2 is passive,
female and destructive.  Either canot exist without its mate. But,
neither is beneficial on its own, excess chaos is as bad as exces
order and vice versa.  Balance occurs as the two extremes battle
to gain dominance, pushing and pulling, pulling and pushing.  The
point between them is the balanced point, and a new manifestation,
the third point, which brings with it dimension as well as a return
to unity and a completion of the emulation of the divine trinity,
but at a lower level of manifestation.

This also shows the axiom of "As above, so below" in action.


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