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contrasting the Gupta Vidya Model

Dec 30, 1993 07:04 AM
by eldon

Jerry S:

Both of our models start off with Purucker's twelve globes, and are
expanded upon, by us, in different directions. We end up with different
systems, although we had an initial starting place in common, and would
both give serious consideration to materials from the source writings
as we read and study them.

Below is an attempt to contrast some of the places where we differ.
Since I am comparing my understanding of your system to my system,
there's always a chance that what I say of your views may need some
correction, but my brief comparison follows. For the purpose of this
discussion, I'll call mine the "Esoteric Philosophy Model" just to
give it a name.

GV = Gupta Vidya Model
EP = Esoteric Philosophy Model

We don't really need to dwell a lot on the differences. They are
aparent to readers of what we write. I don't think that we need to
revisit these various points, which we've gone over before. But it
may be helpful for someone reading our materials to see a list of
some of the differences pointed out, so that they know that we're
talking about different models, and not become confused trying to
learn both and assuming that they are consistent.


GV - The seven principels are the bodies that we have, one on each
     of the seven globes, each on a different plane.

EP - We have a separate self with its own seven principles, including a
     body, on each globe.


GV - There are pathways between selected globes, which are miniworlds
     that can be explored.

EP - There is a single laya center between each globe in succession,
     between A & B, B & C, etc., and apart from a globe we only
     exist in the astral light, with consciousness fading out as we
     move away from the globe.


GV - Dreams and out-of-the-body experiences are on the other globes,
     or in the pathways between the globes.

EP - Dreams and experiences that our personality can remember were
     experiences in the astral around Globe D, and we cannot, with
     rare exception, remember visits to other globes.


GV - We have pre-existing bodies on the other globes.

EP - There are no bodies on the other globes, unless we are perhaps
     chelas, and have been born on another globe and fashioned a
     personal self on that globe, going through a process of childhood
     and growth leading to being an adult human on that globe.


GV - We visit the other globes through shifting our consciousness
     to the bodies that we have on those globes.

EP - We can visit the other globes in meditation, clothing ourselves
     solely in Atman-Buddhi-Manas, in pure selfhood, with an experience
     of our essential nature on that globe. This is in addition to, or
     different that, our having embodiment and developing a personality
     on that globe.


GV - The experiences of the other globes, existing on them and
     interacting with their inhabitants, are an integral part of
     our lives.

EP - Existence on the other globes is only in corresponding
     personalities, other human Egos we have for those globes, and
     are not known through our Globe D personality.


GV - Some globes interconnect via laya centers, and others via
     pathways which are themselves miniworlds.

EP - The globes interconnect solely via successive laya centers, and
     all have an second laya center leading to a greater world that
     spans all the planes that the globe chain is on.


GV - Your various selves are the embodied beings, one per globe,
     that make up your principles.

EP - You are a human Ego, the one for Globe D, and have a different
     human Ego for each globe; you are part of a family of associated
     Monads that make up the entire *you* when in existence on a globe.


GV - Your inner development is enhanced by bringing into awareness
     your conscious selves on these other planes or globes, and
     magic is a useful tool to bring this about.

EP - Our experiences of other planes is just of the senses; we are
     human Egos and need to awaken the intellectual and spiritual,
     to de-emphasize the sensory, and to avoid magical practices.


                        Eldon Tucker (

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