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evolution during the rounds

Dec 29, 1993 08:34 AM
by eldon

We read about seven or ten Rounds, vast evolutionary periods, during
which each of the kingdoms of nature goes through its evolution, and
the members of the kingdoms, if successful, complete their evolution
and move on to the next kingdom.

There are three Elemental Kingdoms, then the Mineral, Plant, Animal,
Human, and three Dhyan-Chohanic Kingdoms. New lessons in life are
learned in each kingdom, and none can be skipped. A Monad has to
evolve through all of the kingdoms, in succession, in order to
become a self-conscious divinity, in order to become self-awakened.

When we speak of evolution through the kingdoms, we are not referring
to the Monad itself, which is above existence, untouched by the
outer world. We are speaking of the Ego, the ray of consciousness,
the living outpost of awareness that the Monad projects into the
manifest world. The Ego is mortal, it has a birth, it grows and
evolved, and faces an eventual death at the end of our manvantara.
But the Ego is also in its inmost core of being the Monad itself, and
can attain immortality by its seeking of the spiritual, its making
of the higher life an integral part of its consciousness, its raising
of itself to eventual reabsorption into the Monad.

Being in the Human Kingdom, we have a human Ego through which we, as
Human Monads, experience conscious existence. That Ego is a living
construct, a web of karmic interwoven into the fabric of life of the
world that we exist on.

During a Round, the Human Kingdom first has its existence on Globe A,
then B, C, D, E, F, and G, and then disappears for a while, until the
next Round starts. The Human Kingdom is currently on Globe D, and we
are in the fourth of the seven Rounds.

With each Round, the superstructure of life is build up more, and
new experiences can be had. Even the nature and behavior of matter,
and our corresponding senses, unfolds further.

Also within a Round, we have an evolution on each of the different
planes. On the descending arc of the round, going down the planes
from Globe A down through Globe D, we experience the planes in a
seeking-materiality manner, as the whole flow of life is downward.
Going from Globe D upward through Globe G, we experience the planes
in a seeking-spirituality manner, as the flow of life is upward again.
In a single Round, we have a period of human evolution on each of
the planes.

In the first Round, the globes are created, emanated one from the
next, and the lifewaves move onto Globe A, then B, and progress
along the chain. The time period of evolution on any globe is long,
in the first Round, since there was nothing on the globe at first to
represent any of the kingdoms. Humanity, for instance, upon first
entering our Globe D, has to take the already-existing animal forms
and fashion them into the human.

In subsequent Rounds, as a lifewave enters a globe, it finds that
it has some representatives already there. When the human lifewave
entered Globe D, in the fourth Round, for instance, it found some
advanced third Round humanity still present, into which it could be
born and fashion its fourth Round forms from. The human lifewave did
not have to evolve for itself forms from scratch, but could rather
take and upgrade the forms of the humans that where already present.

The term for these humans, those who stay behind when the human lifewave
leaves a globe and moves on during the Round, is *sishtas*. These
humans remain behind as a sacrifice, in order to provide the seed for
the future humanity when the lifewave returns to that globe in the
next Round.

Now it would be incorrect to say that we are ready to leave humanity
and become Dhyan-Chohans today, even were we Masters or Buddhas.
That would be like saying that a child could leave fifth grade, in the
middle of the school year, and enter sixth grade, also in the middle
of the school year. The student may be advanced compared to what is
currently taught in his grade, but there is still more for him to learn
in the fifth grade, before he is ready to start the very beginning of
the sixth grade!

We must complete our full human evolution before we move on. The
Masters are fifth Rounders, not graduates of the human kingdom. They
still are subject to needing human bodies to exist in. Outwardly, on
this globe, they exist in fourth Round bodies. They have raced ahead
of humanity and completed their evolution on some of the other globes,
so they are ahead of the human lifewave in their learning and
experience. But even so, they are ahead of us *in their consciousness*,
not in their bodies or forms. They are subject to the same fourth
Round conditions that we are, and are only truly in their fifth Round
consciousness when the personality is paralyzed and momentarily
set aside. They have acquired the qualities that we will acquire in
the next Round, but they are still subject to the same forms of
consciousness to express these qualities through as we are: fourth
Round human bodies.

The Masters are not graduates of the human kingdom. They are more
truly human than we are, but are not beyond all there is to being
human. There are many lessons of the sixth and seventh Rounds that
await humanity that the Masters cannot approach, because nature itself
is not prepared for such experiences. The vehicles and nature of
cousciousness in this Round are not yet sufficiently prepared to express
and manifest the fullness of human consciousness.

The Masters are as far ahead of humanity as is possible to go without
a *mystery*, without something special involved with the Hierarchy of
Compassion and the Architects of Life and the cyclic appearance of

The major turning points of evolution are related to the great
initiations of the solstices and equinoxes. We might make the following
table of them:

winter solstice - 4th initiation - mid fifth Rounder    -  Mahatman
spring equinox  - 5th initiation - finished fifth Round -  Greater ""
summer solstice - 6th initiation - mid sixth Rounder    -  Bodhisattva
fall   equinox  - 7th initiation - finished sixth Round -  Buddha

These great initiations are the major steps that we take in our
evolution. But with each major step includes or is made up of seven
minor steps, so there are really 49.

It should be remembered that this is not all there is, and it is not
complete, but is the big picture, as far as we have been told, and
that there is much more to it that we have not been told.

Note that even beyond Buddhahood, there lies the experience of the
seventh Round, which cannot be had at all at this time. The world is
not ready, it is just not capable of manifesting such a great
consciousness. It would be like having the melody of an entire orchestra
to play, but only a simple drum to play it on.

In the middle of the fourth Round, we learn that the door to the
Human Kingdom closed. This was about the time of the descent of the
Manasaputras. Certain highly-evolved animals, once simply animals in
the Animal Kingdom, are now animals in the Human Kingdom. They are
human Animal Monads, overshadowed and used by human beings.

When we speak of our animal nature, of our lower side, the mindless
part of our human nature, it is just such an animal. The Beast Monad
in our constitution is really an Animal Monad, having entered the
door into the Human Kingdom, and now used by us in our constitution
so that we can devote our consciousness to being truly human, and
forgetting the animal side to life.

The experience of the animal is that it is overshadowed by a
higher self, a greater being that enfills and directs it. This higher
self fills it with wisdom beyond measure, knowledge and thought that
go far beyond its capability to conceive things.

Because of this close association of the animal with a human, it will,
over the remaining Rounds, acquire a sense of humanness and of mind
by sympathetic vibration, and will have readied itself to be a
fledgling human in the next planetary manvantara.

Animals that did not make it through the door into the Human Kingdom
will continue through the Rounds. More and more will drop out, until
but a few make it to the end of the seventh Round. These animals will
be the leaders, the most-evolved of the animals in the next chain,
in the next planetary manvantara.

Now it is not an insignificant thing to keep up with humanity through
the seven Rounds. To hold our own and stay in existence through the
steep climb before us is a noble, an admirable thing. It would be
wrong to look about us, at the humanity of today, and say that this is
all there is to being human, and that to move a step beyond our current
sorry state of human existence would take us to a higher kingdom!
We should rather realize that there is an almost endless--from our
personal point of view--series of progressively beautiful, wonderous--
but challenging as well--experiences to come to us as humans.

We do not have to go into another, a higher Kingdom in order to
progress, to meet further challenges to life. We face a future
period of human evolution of which we cannot even conceive! And it
stretches out into the distance future for *billions of years*. It
is not something that will come in two thousand or even two million
years, but rather embraces billions of years of future growth and

After the end of the whole evolution, when the seven Rounds are finished
and our earth has completed its subsequent rest, another planetary
manvantara will begin, another cycle of evolution will start. And even
should we find ourselves as humans again, in the Human Kingdom the
next time, we will still be doing good. For it would be like repeating
fifth grade, and finding that the course materials were much more
advanced than before. Our earth, our chain, will be on a higher
cosmic subplane before, and all the Kingdoms will be dealing with
more difficult materials than before.

The next Kingdom after ours, the first Dhyani-Chohanic Kingdom, is
entirely different and beyond anything that we as humans can conceive.
Our Masters are fifth Rounders, who may yet fail and be human again,
in the next planetary manvantara, because they have not progressed to
the point of no return, through the door into the Kingdom of the
Dhyan Chohans, at the mid-point of the fifth Round. In their inner
development, they may have progressed to a readiness for that entry,
but until the fifth Round actually happens they only have an inner
readiness and the actual experience of going through that door has
not been taken.

This door into the Kingdom of the Dhyan Chohans involves the mysteries
of the great initiations. There are mysteries involving meeting our
inner god, first face-to-face, and later becoming enfilled with and
permeated with its presence. We become, if we succeed, human Dhyani
Chohans, Human Monads in the Dhyani-Chohanic Kingdom. And we are then
no longer merely human. Although we are still Human Monads, and still
go through the remaining Rounds as such, we are also something more,
because of this close association with our inner god, and we benefit
greatly by the experience, and gradually take on godlike characteristics
ourselves, and become readied for our first day as a Dhyan Chohan in
the next manvanatara!

                           Eldon Tucker (

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