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The Second Coming etc.

Dec 28, 1993 02:18 PM
by Arvind Kumar

In this message I hope to at least be able to do two things:

(a) Provide the complete text of a translation of the Gaytari
Mantrum (only the first line had appeared in a message I sent a
few days ago, the rest of the text got lost somehow during
'processing' by the listserver).

(b) Provide the reference to the Christ's overshadowing of K
and also refs. related to the second coming of the Christ.

If time permits, I'll also add more comments to a previous
message from Jerry H-E.

       Gayatari Mantrum

O Thou Who Giveth Sustenance to the Universe ...

       References on ROC and K

See p. 171 of Discipleship in the New Age (volume II) p. 171; I am
reproducing some text here for those who donot have the book:

"As I have earlier pointed out, the return of the Christ will be
expressed, in the first place, by an upsurging of the Christ
consciousness in the hearts of men everywhere; its first
expression will be goodwill.

In the second place, disciples everywhere will find themselves
increasingly sensitive to His quality, His voice and His teaching;
they will be "overshadowed"by Him in many cases, just as before,
He overshadowed His disciple Jesus; through this overshadowing of
disciples in all lands, He will duplicate Himself repeatedly.
The effectiveness and the potency of the overshadowed disciple
will be amazing.

One of the first experiments He made as He prepared for this form
of activity was in connection with Krishnamurti. It was only
partially successful.  The power used by Him was distorted and
misapplied by the devotee type of which the Theosophical
Society is largely composed, and the experiment was brought to an
end; it served, however, a most useful purpose. As a result of the
war, mankind has been disillusioned; devotion is no longer
regarded as adequate or necessary to the spiritual life or its
effectiveness.  The war was won, not through devotion or the
attachment of men to some prized ideal; it was won by the simple
performance of duty, and the desire to safeguard human rights.
Few men were heroes, as the newspapers stupidly proclaim.  They
were drafted and taught to fight and had  to fight.  It was a
group recognition of duty.  When the Christ again seeks to
overshadow His disciples, a different reaction will be looked
for.  It is because of this that AAB has so consistently
belittled devotion and advocated spiritual independence.  No
devotee is independent; he is a prisoner of an idea or a

When Christ comes, there will be a flowering in great activity
of His type of consciousness among men; when disciples are
working under the recognition of the Christ, there will then
come the time when He can again move among men in a public
manner; He can be publicly recognized and thus do His work on
the outer levels of living as well as upon the inner.  For these
three events, which are connected with the inherent divinity
in man, the Hierarchy is working and preparing, and it will
essentially register another of the results of the successful
use of the new Invocation to aid in this task of preparation."

Of course the book "Reappearance of the Christ" by AAB gives a
lot more detail on the related topics; I have relished every
moment of my study of the Tibetan's books.

Let me briefly touch upon a few of Jerry H-E's previous comments.

> > (b) What is your current spiritual 'practice' (to put it in
> > different words, how do you incorporate the 'spiritual' into
> > your daily living)?
>      My spiritual approach and practice is primarly Jnana and
> karma yoga.  That is I incorporate the spiritual through study
> and service (though I'm weaker than I ought to be on the latter).
> I also consider my marriage to be a spiritual practice, and
> perhaps the most important one. Further, I believe that the
> complete practice of any spiritual path ultimately includes all
> of the others.

Jerry, thanks a lot for responding to the questions I had
raised; I also invite others on this network to address these and
related questions.  I find the answers very informative and useful
in my own spiritual practice.

> > (c) What is your current 'station' (or 'occupation') in life,
> > and what is your next step (or where are you going at the
> > moment)?
>      My current "station or occupation" are several: 1. I'm a
> husband, father, and home owner. 2. I'm a student in the Masters
> program at Cal. State Stanislaus.  My major is English
> Literature.  3. I operate a mail order book dealership on a part
> time bases, specializing in Metaphysics, Mythology and Folklore.
> 4. I'm associate editor of an acadenic journal called
> THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY, published out of Cal. State Fullerton. 5.
> I'm a researcher into Occult movements and an archivest.
>      As far as where I'm going at the moment: I'm trying to get
> through the Masters program in order to continue on for a Ph.D.
> I'm also trying to get rid of all of the cursed Bermuda grass in
> the backyard in order to plant a garden.

 What are you studying as part of English lit.?  Have you read
much of Robert Browning?  He is regarded as one of the Masters of
Wisdom.  Also, when you mail my stuff (the check is really in the
mail!) can you perhaps enclose one of the back issues of this J. of
Theos. His.?  Your remark about the Bermuda grass reminds me of
the neccesity to keep 'one foot in Sansara, and one foot in
Nirvana' (balance is the key objective even in my own life).

> >Also, as I was reading one of Eldon's recent articles where he
> >has mentioned
> >that the efforts of the Masters are many times not 'successful',
> >the thought
> >occurred to me that the three books by AAB containing DK's
> >instructions
> >to his disciples ('Discilpleship in the New Age' Volumes I and
> >II, and
> >'Glamour, A World Problem) are a result of an experiment which
> >He (DK) termed
> >a failure!  This comment ties into a previous comment that (I
> >think) you had
> >made indicating that HPB's Masters were fallible, whereas the
> >Masters in other systems of esoteric studies are made to look
> >like entirely 'failure-proof'.
>      Yes, the Mahatma Letters have several allusions to that
> effect.  In what manner were the above three books failures?

I do not quite know myself. I will research and report one of these
days, but one reason was that the disciples were not doing the
simple things that they were asked to do by DK.  DK would ask
someone to distribute some literature on goodwill or make a
mailing list of 'men of goodwill' in their locality etc. but the
disciple would ignore that and wait for some instruction to do
something more exotic,  as in a 'powerful' (my words) meditation...

>      What is Lucis Trust's E-Mail address?

The e-mail for Lucis Trust :

In Brotherhood,

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