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Dec 28, 1993 12:32 PM
by Arvind Kumar

For the record, I have been a vegetarian for four years plus.
At this time, I am also staying away from eggs and cheese at the
urging of my holistic MD doctor...

My purpose in forwarding this article was to promote additional
tolerance for others who are non-vegetarians.  My own daughter had
to resort to meat eating, at the suggestion of the same MD who told
me to avoid eggs and cheese, as her etheric body had become too week
due to lack of proper nutrition.  We are both on multivitamins and
food supplements at this time.... /Arvind

>      I have been a vegetarian for many years. In the beginning I
>thought it was necessary if I wanted to develop my psychic
>faculities...and that may be an aid. Over the years the desire for
>psychic powers has waned (an elderly member, now deceased, once told me
>a story about her own desires along these lines...another time).
> However, I continue to practice vegetarianism out of respect for the
> evolving lives in the animal kingdom. I think there are lots of good
> reason for adopting a vegetarian life style. This just was the one
> which appealed to me most. I realize you didn't ask, but as I read
> your post that concern wasn't raised so I thought I would throw it
> into the discussion.
>Lewis --

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