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Re: Why Hindus *CAN* eat meat?!

Dec 28, 1993 11:34 AM
by Chestatee Regional Library a.k.a.

> Here is another article on Vegetarianism that may be of interest/A
> ... the article appears hear ...


       I have been a vegetarian for many years. In the beginning I
thought it was necessary if I wanted to develop my psychic faculities,
and that may be an aid. Over the years the desire for psychic powers
has waned (an elderly member, now deceased, once told me a story about
her own desires along these lines...another time). However, I continue
to practice vegetarianism out of respect for the evolving lives in the
animal kingdom. I think there are lots of good reason for adopting a
vegetarian life style. This just was the one which appealed to me most.
I realize you didn't ask, but as I read your post that concern wasn't
raised so I thought I would throw it into the discussion.

Lewis --

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