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Humor etc.

Dec 27, 1993 12:38 PM
by Arvind Kumar

> from Nancy
>   You folks are much more productive than I, I can hardly keep up
> with the mail, so if I have missed this reference, please excuse me
>    I have recently come across a small book/pamphlet called
> THE PSEUDO OCCULT OF MRS. A. BAILEY by Cleather and Crump
> published in 1929 in Manila. Have you already discussed this?

I read about this 'pamphlet' in a monograph which I got from Daniel
Caldwell, but when I asked him for a copy of it, he did not have any.
Can you send me a copy of it via mail (I'll be glad to pay for all
expenses and effort) at the following address:

A. Kumar
3024 Landershire Lane
Plano TX 75023-800824

Thank you very much.

> Is there any interest in metaphysical humor? We are certainly
> a serious group.

Yes, it will be great to have occasional humor, and let me start the
ball rolling by reproducing in my own words a joke I recently saw on
another bulletin board:

"There are three kinds of people. Those who can count, and those who

Hope to hear more jokes and funny stuff from you and others.
Best Wishes

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