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HPB's "Psychology"

Dec 27, 1993 12:15 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

> The quote you give here defines psychology as:
>      "an elucidation of the relation existing between spirit and
>      matter, which relation demonstrates as consciousness."
>      However Bailey wants to define psychology is OK with me.
> But this is not the understanding of the word in the 1880's, and
> is not how H.P.B. uses the term. For "consciousness," HPB uses
> the term "consciousness."  For "psychology" HPB uses the term
> "psychology."  Can you show me a quote from HPB that does
> otherwise?

As I was reading SD Book I Part III (Science and SD Contrasted) Ch XV
on 'Gods, Monads, Atoms' I came across the following towards the
middle of this chapter (p.620 of the original facsimile edition of SD):

"...And once it is forced by its enemies - Metaphhysics and

And there was the following footnote:

"* Let not the word psychology cause the reader to carry the thought
by an association of ideas to modern "Psychologists", whose idealism
is another name for uncompromising materialism, and whose pretended
Monism is no better than a mask to conceal the void of final
annihilation - even of consciousness. Here Spiritual psychology is

IMHO, this at the very least hints at HPB's awareness of 'psychology'
in its esoteric sense, the sense in which DK has used it in the AAB

>    As for why some Theosophists don't like Bailey, I have a
>theory on this, and may have the evidence to support it by the
>time I get back. I don't think the objection has anything to do
>with "astral channeling."  In fact, I don't think the real reason
>has ever been published. More on this later.

I look forward to hearing more on this from you. I hope to also reply
to a previous message to you later on, and will give the reference to
Krishnamurthy being overshadowed by the Christ therein.

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