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Re: Subject: time o

Dec 24, 1993 05:03 PM

To Eldon Tucker

 > It is a wondrous time of year, one that should gladden our hearts.
 > Some of us may have approached the threshold, tried the door, and
 > been admitted. The world has become better, a holier place, and
 > if we listen, with open hearts, we can feel it and be inspired!

     I endorse all your words, and send my best wishes to you,
     for your inspiring and dedicated contributions, and for all
     brothers of theos-l who make these discussions a living
     exercise of spiritual growth.

 > It is the time of the Winter Solstice, and another year has begun.
 > We are again at one of the Sacred Seasons, a time when special
 > things happen. It is at these points of the year in which the great
 > initiations take place, and the world becomes a better place.

     Each time I read these histories of the Solar Myth I do feel a bit
     out of place. I never saw the myth in terms of the position of
     our planet in relation with the Sun, what I think would be the
     correct perspective for a planetary vision. I say this because I
     am in the south hemisphere and here we just entered the "summer",
     and all the mythic histories of this kind sounds very weird from
     our location.

     In a given occasion, I was studying for a talk on "Sacred Seasons",
     grounded on Purucker work, and I got very confused in adapting
     the "seasons" for the south position.

     The account would become very interesting if we perceive that in
     December solstice the Earth is at the shortest distance of the
     Sun, next to the source of all life. So, the mythic insight
     is more reliable than an account from the south or north hemisphere
     point of view.

     Fraternal greetings and Merry Christmas to all!

     Osmar  *8)

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