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Re: Paul Johnson's book IN SEARCH OF THE MASTERS

Dec 22, 1993 10:10 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> From:      Terry Hobbes, Boston, MA (
>      In a recent message Mr. Johnson mentioned that his book IN
> SEARCH OF THE MASTERS would be published in a new edition by SUNY.
> Almost six months ago I bought a copy in a local used book store and
> read it from cover to cover.  Soon after I saw Mr. Johnson's article
> on the Masters in the Summer issue of GNOSIS.  I can't believe that
> more theosophical students have not publicly criticized his book
> especially his fanciful speculations on the Master K.H. and M. A
> friend of mine who lives in Tampa recently sent me a photocopy of
> SEARCH OF THE MASTERS. Mr. Caldwell does a good job at showing the
> weakness of Johnson's speculation. Mr. Johnson ignores the testimony
> of numerous chelas who saw and talked with the Masters. I called my
> friend to ask where more copies of Caldwell's book can be purchased.
> He said a copy can be bought for $8.00 from Daniel Caldwell, Post
> Office Box 1844, Tuscon, Arizona 85702.  Does anyone on the
> theosophical network know if Mr. Johnson has replied to Dan
> Caldwell's questions. I would like to see Johnson's answers.

My first posting was done immediately after the shock of
discovering that Mr. Caldwell was selling "Open Letters" to me
without my knowledge.  His April letter, filled with objections
to In Search of the Masters, was mailed to several other
people, along with a photocopy of my earlier letter to him
which he distributed without my foreknowledge or approval.  I
sent him a reply, but specifically requested that our future
correspondence must be private.  He never answered until last
month, at which time he sent further objections, without any
mention of intent to publicly distribute them.  I replied, and
am now left wondering what may become of the two letters I sent
Mr. Caldwell.  To avoid making a personal attack, all I can add
is that I feel I have been dishonorably treated, and will make
no further response to Mr. Caldwell's criticisms of In Search
of the Masters.
     The Masteres Revealed, however, is not in fact a reprint of ISM but
a new book, only half as long, presenting 32 Master figures 12
of whom are new discoveries.  The introduction is a revision of
the Gnosis article mentioned above, and book 3 includes a
treasure trove of secret government documents revealing new
facts about British suspicions of HPB's political sympathies.
I will gladly respond to criticisms of The Masters Revealed
if they appear in the guise of reviews or letters published in
periodicals.  It is far less speculative and more persuasive
than the first book, and should suffice to show the extent to
which new research has led me to revise many elements of the
interpretation of HPB and the Masters in ISM.  Particularly
clearcut is the change in position regarding Tibet.  TMR shows
beyond a doubt that the TS had genuine access to legitimate
Tibetan scriptures through a sponsor in Shigatse.

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