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Re: Paul's book, seven keys

Dec 22, 1993 09:09 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Hi Jerry--
     Could you clarify what you mean by "compilation."  Since I
already have some material written on most of the characters,
and permissions are a real challenge, it seemed simpler to go
ahead and do a whole book rather than collect other people's
work.  But I could see a book of collective authorship if
others would write individual segments.  SUNY's opinion on this
is crucial to any such plan.
     As to AB, CWL etc. I have decided to include them but
restrict focus on initiatory contacts to the period prior to
1907.  Olcott's presidency will provide the time frame under
consideration, so I will briefly describe the subsequent
careers of the chelas but won't focus on the issues that arose
after 1907.  Does this sound reasonable as a principle of

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