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AAB Teaching

Dec 21, 1993 02:17 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry H-E:

Your wonderful and very scholarly analysis of various topics always
comes as a source of great inspiration to me!  It is a previlege to be
able to communicate with you and all the other fellow members of this

I have a number of comments/questions/quotations for you and frankly,
I am not sure when I will be able to communicate all of them! My
daughter has been on Christmas vacation and and my wife and I have
been trying to enjoy her wonderful and blissful company to the fullest
these last few days (I was reading somewhere that a relative, friend
or even a person on the street can teach you a whole lot more than
even a most profound book; relationships have been a weak area in my
life but I am trying to overcome that by getting totally absorbed in
the person(s) in whose company I find myself at any given time)!

Anyways, let me begin by thanking you for taking the time out of your
busy schedule and writing all those replies not only to my questions
but also those of others. I am primarily going to quote from 'A
treatise on Cosmic Fire' (TCF) by Alice Bailey to allow you (and
others) to see what appears to me to be a continuity of teaching of
the SD in TCF, in this message.  Later on I'll try (perhaps in a
follow-up message) a point by point response to your previous
communications (if time permits).

Everyone is right!  This ( i.e. 'Everyone is right') by the way is the
title of a wonderful book by Roland Peterson (a senior VP with a large
high tech corporation in California)  which shows the similarily of
the teachings of all great religions of the world, including
Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism.  I am using this expression
to mean that in my opinion, everyone (whether on this network or not)
is right in holding on to his or her opinion about any particular
subject or person, in accordance with his stage of evolutionary
development!  It is perfectly ok with me that Eldon considers Purucker
to be the successor of HPB, and others may consider Besant or
Leadbeater to be the successors of HPB. Throughout this entire
exchange of messages on Alice Bailey teachings, my attempt has been to
only show you and others on the network that you may be overlooking an
important source of true theosophical teaching, that no true
theosophist should be 'close-minded' to new revelation, and a teaching
should not be dismissed out of hand just like that without any reason.
I have upto this day NOT found anything that AAB has said that
contradicts what HPB has written. Your clarification of the one
sentence that I qouted in a previous message on the "Kalki Avatar" is
entirely compatible with what I have learnt from the Blue books (I
use    'blue' books to refer to 'Bailey' books).  In ROC, AAB has
said that the Christ will re-appear in three different ways:

(a) Establishing of a semblance of Unity and Right human relations

(b) Overshadowing of selected disciples and initiates.  In DINA (I can
give page reference if anyone is interested) AAB states that 'the
Christ conducted an interesting experiment' with Krishnamurthy ... the
experiment was not very successful due to the devotional nature of the
persons surrounding him.  My assumption is that K was for a while
overshadowed by the Christ, and the 'experiment' was not successful
because of the devotional nature of persons like Leadbeater and Besant
(no criticism intended; I am myself a devotional type, in the process
of making the change over to a 'mental' type!)  It is said that when
the Christ re-appears, hundreds of disciples/initiates will be
overshadowed (so if you feel at times that you are being overshadowed
by someOne, you may be right!!!)

(c) The actual physical plane manifestation, in a physical body, by
the Christ.  I gather that this is supposed to happen by 2025.

I am sorry for having misinterpreted HPB's sentence but am glad we
have access to someone like you to explain the real meaning within the
overall context of the teaching.  By the way, I see that the
instructions to the Esoteric Section (ES) are out in the open, or they
appear to be anyways.  You mentioned you liked Vol I of Parucker's
instructions to ES... CAN I BUY THAT BOOK FROM YOU, and if so, PLEASE
WRITE THE PRICE.  Also, does HPB's Collected Writings contain all of
her instructions to ES as well? I'd like to know if all instructions
to ES are published and how I can buy them.  I do have your address
and will make the check out appropriately as soon as I finalize the
order (which I am still holding in my hands until Clarice of our local
theosophical group tells me what she has got for me).  Also, Volume
III of SD (which Daniel has shown was the original Vol III as written
by HPB) ... is that available as Volume 5 (or is it 4 ) of one of the
editions of SD, and do you have it for sale to me?  While on the
subject of books, I await your catalog on health and healing.  You may
be interested to know :

(a) My wife is an RN and is in the business of sending nurses to
hospitals/nursing homes for temporary staff relief (kind of like a
'Kelly girl' operation). I am very interested in this area of health
and healing, matter of fact there are several esoteric healers in my
circle of friends.

(b) Are you familiar with the writings of Zachary Lansdowne (published
by Samuel Weiser) ...'Ray Methods of Healing' and ' The Chakras and
Esoteric Healing'?  I met Mr. Lansdowne at a seminar last year ...a
very humble person, works as a systems engineer for the Dept of
Defence (I think) in Boston, and is part of the Boston Theosophical
branch ( I am not sure if they are connected at all with TSA any more;
he told me that all that they study is Alice Bailey and perhaps some
HPB books).

(c) I also subscribe to 2 'alternative' medicine newsltters, written
by MDs; one of them is called 'Health and Healing' by Dr. Whitaker,
and the other one is published in Ingram Texas and called

Before I begin quoting from TCF, let me close this part of my message
by mentioning that we saw a wonderful movie the other day, "My Life" ...
seems to be especially appropriate for those wanting to tread the
path, for them, 'now is the time, today is the day of opportunity'...

Quotes from 'A Treatise on Cosmic Fire' (TCF) by AAB

I have too much to quote from TCF but luckily you have a copy of it,
so if I start running out of time, I may simply cite the
page/paragraph number and skip the text.

Read the Introduction (p. viii) by Foster Bailey, last paragraph:"In
TCF, the Tibetan has given us what HPB prophesied he would give,
namely the psychological key to the Cosmic Creation.  HPB stated that
in the 20th century a disciple would come who would give the
psychological key to her own monumental work SD on which treatise the
Tibetan worked with her; and AAB worked in complete recognition of her
own task in this sequence." (I am going to use abbreviations in the
quoatations to save time).  This ref. was pointed out by Jim Meier of
Houston (thanks, Jim). Notice that there is no reference given to any
of HPB's writings in this paragraph.  It is possible that HPB may have
said this outside of her SD, in some aother publication.

Please notice the following on p. viii first paragraph (echos of this
paragraph have appeared on the net in messages of Brenda Tucker among
others):  "Spiritual teaching will be increasingly accepted as an
hypothesis to be proved less by scholasticism, historical foundation

Next turn to "Extract from a Statement by the Tibetan", read it fully,
starting on p. x with "Nor will he make that desired contact until he
has transmuted emotional devotion into unselfish service to
humanity, __ not to the Master." ..

TCF is dedicated to HPB, "that great disciple who lighted her torch in
the East and brought the light to Europe and America in 1875".

Refer to "Foreword" on p. xii, 2nd paragraph (this RELATES TO YOUR
PSYCHOLOGICAL KEY TO SD): "Secondly, to express that which is
subjective in comprehensible terms, and to point out the next step
forward in the understanding of the true psychology.  It is an
elucidation of the relation existing between Spirit and Matter, which
relation demonstrates as consciousness.  It will be found that the
Treatise deals primarily with the aspect of mind, with consciousness
and with the higher psychology, and less with matter as we know of it
on the physical plane..."

On p. xv1, it says that all references to SD are to the Third Revised
Edition.  Read the quotes on p.xvii on Fire and the Three Fires, they
also provide useful page number references to SD.

Note that several Stanzas of Dzyan are reproduced in TCF, including
Seven Esoteric Stanzas (p.1229).  I have not had the time to compare
if these translations are the same as HPB's (they appear similar, at
least as far as the language is concerned).

The chapter on 'Introductory Postulates' p. 3, starts with, "The
teaching which is given in this treatise on Cosmic Fire might be
formulated in the following terms.  These postulates are simply
extensions of the three fundamentals to be found in the Proem in the
first Volume of SD by HPB."  It  does not matter to me whether this is
a psychological key to SD or what, it seems to me that all lovers of
HPB's SD should be interested in what seems like a sequel to it (i.e.
TCF).  I am really at a loss to know why you have such a hard time
verifying for yourself whether TCF is compatible with SD or not. You
seem to have very thoroughly researched SD and it seems to me that you
will be able to catch any 'hanky panky' material right away.  What, my
dear Sir, prevents you from quoting an incompataibility between TCF
and SD, so we can put the issue of the 'genuineness' of AAB as a
spiritual teacher to test? If it is mere lack of time, I can
understand.  But if it is that 'others say that AAB was a channeler'
or something like that,  you need to re-examine your position!

This message has become quite long, and I need to get out to my family
in a few minutes, so I will close this for now...

May the thoughts which my soul creates reach and encourage you (and
other readers of this message)!


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