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Re: stray comments

Dec 17, 1993 10:39 AM
by John Mead

> John Mead:
> When you mention that you are still looking for three members-at-large
> of the Adyar T.S. to form a Study Center, I'm not clear on what you
> intend to do at that point. Will there be a new list dedicated to that
> group's own discussions, perhaps 'theos-sc', or do you plan to place
> some restrictions or controls over the discussions on the existing
> lists?

The basic reason I want to do this is no secret and no planned

It is simply to create a piece of paper to file with Wheaton
so that they have a definite item/reason they can "point to/at" to get
an on-line account or other hookup with Internet. I have found that
to get formal movement from them you need to feed them paper.

It is that simple.

I do not think any separate forum/list would be needed. Undoubtedly
someone will create a reason to have a separate closed discussion
list,  but personal e-mail seems more appropriate to me...
I do not like controlled anythings.. but some people need different
spaces where they feel more comfortable.

Personally,  I think they (Wheaton) need access to distribute info. out
to the Theos-News list, Communicate more with local people, and also
to communicate with the other societies... it is a win-win situation.

also I look forward to watching what will ultimately happen..
sometimes it is better entertainment than TV   :-)

> I'm not clear on the copyright issues. The current copyright law
> ...

It really should not be a problem. I have just seen (first hand)
some organizations (and individuals) get very attached to their
documents. A classic case recently is that there is a TOTAL ban on any
quotes from the URANTIA book in the Compuserve NewAge forum.
The Urantia Foundation is sueing people left and right and everyone
is scared to allow any of their material onto the Public boards.
It makes no sense legally (or emotionally). It is just fact.

The course of Miracles people have also copyrighted their stuff
and have made some legal motions too. They claim Christ (or rather
the source for the channellings) told them to copyright and protect the
works. I am not too sure of the details though. I am only relaying
this on from postings in the public files on Compuserve.

Did I tell you the story about Jesse Helms visiting a Babtist Church
here locally, and how the members were having him Autograph their
family Bibles???  Jesse was autographing them just like he wrote
the book or something ... that is just an example of how people and
documents develop some strange ties. :-)

Peace --

John Mead

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