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transits to TS chart

Dec 17, 1993 08:53 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Have looked at a few major events for transit correspondences.
The day AB announced most of the 12 apostles probably goes down
as the nuttiest in TS history, but no major outer planet action
was apparent. The Sun was opposing the TS Mars, and conjunct
its Uranus. The Moon was opposing Jupiter, and Mars was
squaring the Sun.

No pay dirt with the Leadbeater "trial" before TS Council in
May 1906.

As noted by Osmar, K's dissolution of the OSE was simultaneous
with Pluto's passage over the TS ascendant. This would seem to
indicate the emergence into consciousness of powerful
transforming energies which had formerly been acting
subconsciously. After all, K had been edging away for years
but it didn't really "hit the fan" until August 1929.

Another biggie I found was the Hodgson Report. Using January
1, 1886, since HPB received a copy the night before, I find
Neptune and Pluto conjoined in opposition to the TS Sun. I'd
suggest that this indicates some heavy karma associated with

Any requests?

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