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the 7 keys in the SD

Dec 13, 1993 06:20 AM
by eldon

I did a global search, in Wordperfect, of my computerized version
of THE SECRET DOCTRINE. The text is not fully cleaned up, but most
of it is readable, so I was able to search most of what was in it.

I was looking for the text about every place where the word "key"
appeared. I quickly noted down what the key was described as, and
in a few minutes had gone through the book. There's a chance that
a more careful reading, which I may do in the future, will alter
what I've come up with, but following are my results.

Of the following keys, "mystical" was mentioned as the first, and
"geometrical" as the fifth. I did not notice mention of the order
of the others, except that the higher four of the seven unlock the
occult powers of nature.

There were more than seven keys mentioned, and some terms seemed
to refer to the same key, so I've combined the terms. The combination
is my own responsibility, and I might combine them differently at a
later time when reading the passages I found more carefully.

1. mystical

2. law of analogy, symbolism

3. human physiology, anthroposophy

4. astronomical, metrological

5. geometric, numerical

6. astrological, theogonic

7. Atma-Vidya

In my quick search, I did not come across the reference to a
psychological key, although my examination was cursory, and I won't
rule out that a more through examination of the passages might change
the above list.

Does anyone remember reading something of HPB's, apart from THE
SECRET DOCTRINE, where she talks about the seven keys?

                           Eldon Tucker (

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