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Re: Forthcoming Syzygy of the planets

Dec 04, 1993 06:31 AM
by Louise C. Mead

You're looking for events and you're missing the pattern! The main
alignment in 94 is the continuing play of uranus and neptune in
capricorn, one conjunction in 93, and two in 94, and a Jupiter Pluto
alignment on Dec 2 94. Pluto Jupiter happens every 12 years or so.
Uranus and Neptune every 150 years or so this one is worth study. The
other event of intrest is Pluto inside Neptune every 248 years or so;
George Washington was born during the last one. Two periods ago
America was discovered. Three periods the Renaissance. Eight periods
the birth of Christ. Six periods Mohamid. This is a time of world
change. Look for patterns.

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