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Forthcoming Syzygy of the planets

Dec 02, 1993 04:48 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Speaking with a friend recently she told me that she had read that
there is to be a Syzygy of several planets in the solar system early
next year (Syzygy = when several of the planets line up). Apparently
there was such an event in the early 1960s and this was alluded to by
another correspondent to the list recently. Our discussion turned to
the significance of such an event in that it may signify the birth of
a teacher and the commencement of his/her teaching in the world. Has
anybody else heard of this event? What do others think about this
possibly great influence on the thought life of our planet next year
(if indeed the report on the occurence of this event is correct)?
With good wishes for the sacred season to all from Companions in

Andrew Rooke

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