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St. Louis news

Nov 30, 1993 05:48 AM
by eldon

This is from Brenda Tucker.

Dear Friends

In the November-December, 1993 (Vol 59, Num 5) issue of ANCIENT
WISDOM, The Theosophical Society of Saint Louis Newsletter,
published bimonthly, there is a page (page eight) filled with
questions and the page is entitled DO YOU KNOW?  I'd like to share
this page with you here today.


That one does not join The Theosophical Society to learn how to be

That it is taken for granted that one has, at least in a measure,
overcome the grosser vices and failings or he would have no desire
to become a Theosophist?

That the moralities and virtues are taught in every Church and
Sunday School and such teaching is not the work of The
Theosophical Society, which has its own specialized tasks,
undertaken by no other body?

That The Theosophical Society exists to impart true spiritual
knowledge of a nature which is obtainable from no other known

That this knowledge is not acceptable to everyone and that an
unusual type of inquiring mind, not satisfied with conventional
"explanations," or lack of them, seems to be necessary to
reception of theosophical truths?

That rejection of these truths ranges from indifference or
ridicule to violent antagonism?

That one of the reasons why many people are able to accept the
improbabilities and impossibilities of some of the religions,
while rejecting the probabilities and possibilities of Theosophy,
appears to be due to a curious preference of the human mind for
wanting the material to be logical and the spiritual illogical?

That as the greatest intellects, which penetrate far beneath the
superficial reasons with which average intellects are satisfied,
have expressed beliefs closely akin to what is now called
Theosophy, a Theosophist need not be disturbed if he finds his
views on spiritual matters at variance with those of his

That Theosophy, though the oldest system of spiritual thought in
the world among the ILLUMINATI, is questionably too potent for
rank-and-file thinkers of the present generation?

That informed Theosophists recognize this and understand that they
are pioneering for remote generations to come, when Theosophy will
be accepted by all as the only logical or possible explanation of
life, its problems and purpose?

That they have their reward in the understanding, peace of mind
and enhanced efficiency their unusual knowledge gives them?

That while they work with an eye to the future, they do not
neglect opportunities to spread their "gospel" in the present to
all who will receive it?

That while much may be done to simplify the presentation of
theosophical teachings, if they were of a nature which could be
instantly grasped in all their ramifications, they could not
possibly be the true "Divine Wisdom" which is Theosophy?


This newsletter is available for $3.00 per year by writing to
Ancient Wisdom, 1219 Craig Rd., St. Louis, MO  63146

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