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Leadbeater again?!

Nov 29, 1993 09:03 PM

To Jerry H.E. and others,

There has been discussion back and forth and pro
and con over the value and acceptability of the
C.W. Leadbeater contribution to theosophy and to
the theosophical movement as a whole. At this point
I would like to contribute a perspective on the sub-
ject that perhaps will add dimension to the picture
thus far painted.

During the 1960's there was a conjunction of the
significant planets Uranus and Pluto in our macrocosm.
This revolutionary energy not only represented conflict
between social classes and political ideologies; it
presented as well, an open door to hitherto hidden
and ancient, occult and spiritual knowledge. The New
Age ideology of 1993 can claim it's origins in the re-
birth of the enlightenment movement of the 60's.
I submit that C.W. Leadbeater's writings do not so much
blend with New Age philosophy as suggested by some on
this network; no, on the contrary, I believe C.W.L.'s
work actually had a great influence on the birth and
molding of the present day new wave of thought. I say
this because when the subjects of yoga, meditation,
astrology and natural healing came to life again to a
broader audience in the 60's, the demand for literature
on all these subjects grew. Today one can visit ones local
New Age bookstore and be happy to find a host of books
written on the common subject of the Chakras. Among them
one can invariably still find the book with the very title
"The Chakras", authored by none other than C.W. Leadbeater.
I say one can *still find* this book because it was the
only one available and in obvious view, in the metaphy-
sical book shop of the inquisitive 60's. If you were in-
terested in yoga or meditation and wanted to to investi-
gate the inner workings of these practices, no doubt
you would be led to this famous book. It's extreme popu-
larity can be seen by taking a look at the publishing
dates found in it's beginning pages in any older edition.
I have in my possession a 1972 edition which lists the
first publishing to be 1927, then 1938, 47, 52, 58, 61,
66, 68, 69. Of course it would be interesting for a more
scientific study, to have the count of printed copies
and number of actual sales for a truer picture of the
point I am making, however I do not have access to these
figures. Actually no matter how many copies were printed,
the closeness of the dates 1966, 68 and 69 somewhat re-
flect the popularity of the book during that time period.
This does not validate the truth or falseness of the con-
tent of this piece of literature; instead it reveals the
influence of his ideas upon the minds of the 60's genera-

Now what I found most important about his influence, were
the references in that book, "The Chakras", to another book
with the most intriguing title "The Secret Doctrine".
Was this *bait* ("The Chakras") presented to the spirit-
ually inclined reader of those times, cast into the waters
of mental receptivity on purpose by the Quest publishers,
or shall it be said that this is all part of a greater plan
instigated by the very hierarchy of the Masters of Divine
Wisdom themselves? Either way, I was hooked! I then pro-
ceeded to search for a copy of this mysterious Secret Doc-
trine, as it was not as apparent or visible on the book-
shelf as it's pointer, the very controversial C.W.
Leadbeater's, "The Chakras".

And so whether believing or not believing in the value of
this man's ideas, it is true for me, and I am sure
for others outside the influence of the Theosophical
Society, that this book can lead to a discovery of
theosophy's existence, as to this day, "The Secret Doctrine"
is not on the shelf, but "The Chakras" is. So be thankful
to Leadbeater for participating in the scheme of things
as a whole............................Sarah......

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