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chaos and Quantum Mechanics...

Nov 26, 1993 02:43 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

I was pleased to get Jerry Schueler's new essay on Quantum magic.
I still need to read it in depth.  A friend of mine is very much
interested in Magic AND chaos theory (from a practical viewpoint
rather than a theoretical one.)  I will pass Jerry's article to
her (and possibly a few others).  She seemed ecstatic to hear
about it.  There is also a book out (called Chaos Magic) that I saw
reviewed recently in a popular magazine (popular in some circles

I found it interesting that Einstein had originally proposed
a chaos-systems alternative (conceptually)  in a paper
published early this century.  It went unnoticed until recently.
Of course,  the problem I have with chaos theory is that is
inherently classical and can not explain many of the truly QM
events that exist.  However it is definitely a good approach
for understanding the quasi-classical realm approcahing the
dimensions/parameters of QM systems.  Even the stodgiest
of the Physicists are now being forced to believe in the
non-deterministic REALITY of QM.  The experimental evidence has
gotten too overwhelming to ignore and pass off.

A recent review of Measure theory has caught my attention,  in
the sense that the mathematics of the theory separates out the
exact requirements (logically speaking) for a system to obtain
the status of Measure vs truly empty (insignificant is a better
word) of physical properties such as a definable Length.
It strikes me that the boundary between a collection of objects
which exist mentally,  and those which exist mentally WITH
an additional quality of physical measureability is very
close to describing the difference between the physical plane and the
lesser planes...

John Mead

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