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Nov 25, 1993 09:29 AM
by John Mead

The following is a brief description of an article which
is now available in either the theos-l archive and/or the
/pub/theos-l directory (from FTP access).

the filename is: schueler01.txt

to obtain a copy, send to the message lines:
index theos-l
get theos-l schueler01.txt

Peace --

John Mead

The following is an excerpt from an unpublished typescript that my
wife and I wrote some time ago.  Space doesn't permit me to
include the background and pictures, which would doubtless help
to make it more meaningful for many.  Those already familiar with
Chaos Science should have no trouble.  What I have done is to
take a look at Chaos Magic (yes, there really is a branch of
magic by this name) in light of the new Chaos Science.  The
result of my research is nine special laws that pertain to the
subject and seem to be true, albeit somewhat out of our ordinary
way of thinking.  Although specially written for followers of
magic, I think that theosophists will find it interesting as
well.  Throughout the article are quotations of an abrupt and
sosmewhat mysterious nature.  These were written over several
years of study as reminder notes, and actually formed the basis
of our thesis.

                             Gerald J. Schueler

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