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Cause & Effect Globes

Nov 20, 1993 10:08 PM
by Gerald Schueler

I think that we need to be careful about calling a globe of our
planetary chain either a cause or an effect.  To say that Globe D, our
Earth, for example, is a cause-globe implies that we generate karma
here.  The fact is, we also receive the effects of our past karma here
as well.  Everyone on Earth both generates new karma and is effected
by old karma.  Globe D is a globe of both cause and effect.  The fact
is, this is also true of every one of the 12 globes.   When the Masters
wrote about spheres of cause and effect, they meant emphasis.  Globe D
emphasizes causes.  However, both are present.  The same is true for
every globe.

Let me give one example.  I had a dream once, several years ago now,
in which I was a coyboy riging a horse.  A pesky kid was following me,
and giving me a fit.  So, I pulled out my revolver and I shot him.
When I woke, I remembered that dream very vividly.  How could I shoot
and kill someone? I asked myself.  Even if it was *just* a dream, I
thought that I had enough compassion for others to be beyond that sort
of thing.  Besides, I am convinced that the way you act in a dream is
the real you, without the masks that we put on during the waking state.
The net result was that the dream caused me to change my whole way of
thinking of myself, and since then I have never killed or hurt anyone,
even in a dream.  Did not this dream cause me to have an effect after I
woke up?  How can such a nightly dream be said to be nothing more than
the effect of my day.  And lots of people are effected by their
dreams - which thus surely become causes and not just effects.  Besides,
cause and effect are two sides of a duality and you simply can't have
one without the other.  But I agree that each globe tends to emphasize
one over the other - and I think that this is what the Masters meant.

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