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Karma in Kamaloka

Nov 20, 1993 10:06 PM

     To Eldon:

>No new karma is made in this state, we are not in an outer world, we
>are not engaged in activity with others, we are not participating in
>co-creating this or any world at the time. New karma can only be made
>should we come back in touch with someone in physical embodiment, if
>we can latch onto them and reacquire some slight degree of
>self-awareness through them as our proxy. Kamaloka is a passive state,
>with no innate self-consciousness. We are not fully ourselves.

     I do believe that in the Astral plane the Law of Karma functions in
     the same way of the others dimentions, and would be a very weird
     situation if the "Cause and Effect" principle stops its activity in
     the "kamaloka" as said Eldon.

     A interesting questions is: Do we make Karma in the "dream" states?

     I think the answer is yes, because emotional or astral energies are
     strong ones to generate great causes.  The "kamaloka state" or the
     "dream state" are both able to create Karma because it generates
     vibrations wich affects the surroundings and people, and do not
     matter if the "dreamer" or "dead" is self conscious or not of his

     Perhaps the effects generated will reach only the astral body or
     astral conditions in both cases, but there is no a halt of cause
     and effect.


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