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Re: Miscellaneous

Nov 12, 1993 06:57 AM
by Dewey Val Schorre

>3. Is anyone familiar with the service "America On-line"(AOL) --
> apparently you can access Internet on it. I have a package to try
> them for 10 hours for free and if I like all I have to pay is
> $10/month for the first 5 hrs and incremental charges after that (I
> do not remember the fine print!)  How does it compare with Netcom? I
> do not have  a service for my home PC, all the communication that
> you get from me originates on my office UNIX workstation. One of its
> drawbacks is that I cannot access via FTP the archives/library of

America On-line is very popular among Macintosh user, of which I am
one, because of its excellent GUI, ie. graphical user interface. I
truned down a similar offer because netcom, which was described by
eldon in a previous message, gives me much more.

For $20.00 per month, discounted to $17.50 if you let them charge to
your credit card, you get unlimited access at 14,400bps. With Netcom
you can FTP the archives/library of Theos-L. When you do this, the
files will be in your account on netcom. You can read them there with
the editor, vi, or download them with zmodem.

One warning! Don't let lots of files accumulate in your account,
because you will be charged extra if you take up too much space on
their disk. Best way to handle the files that you FTP is to read the
them or download them and then delete them all in one session. Leaving
the files in your account for just one day wan't cost much, but it you
keep procrastinating for weeks, the cost mounts up.

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