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Nov 11, 1993 07:17 AM
by Arvind Kumar

I have several miscellaneous comments/questions:

1. Did you see the Special on NBC yesterday on the Sphinx, based on John
Anthony West's research of the last 20 years, pointing out that the
Sphinx is much much older than the 4500 years or so assumed by
'scientists'? The host, Charlton Heston, described it(i.e. John's
results/thesis) as 'history in the making'. There was mention of
Atlanteans and the 'fact' that there is a cavity under the front paws
containing information on the ancient civilization that built it, as
indicated by Edgar Cayce. HPB in SD has indicated the age of the Sphinx
as closer to 78000 years, and the proof in yesterday's presentation on
NBC seemed to point in that direction, although no mention was made of
either HPB or 78000 years. There is a 800 number that was given for
anyone wanting a copy of the full 2-hour tape of this presentation (NBC
showed only one hour) at a cost of some 30 dollars (I can probably find
that number in the videotape that I made of NBC's show, if anyone is

2. Eldon talked in a recent piece about esoteric schools. I have had a
wonderful experience as part of such an esoteric school (which to me
anyways appears as a genuine esoteric school) - it is the Arcane School,
of which I have talked about earlier in several of my messages. I am
temporarily out on a 'sabbatical' and am currently NOT affiliated with
it (but perhaps will go back when the 'time is right' again). I will be
very interested in hearing from others on this network about their
experiences with any esoteric schools. In particular, I am very
interested in the 'Esoteric Section' of TSA and any other theosophical
schools that may be in existence.

3. Is anyone familiar with the service "America On-line" (AOL) --
apparently you can access Internet on it. I have a package to try
them for 10 hours for free and if I like all I have to pay is $ 10/month
for the first 5 hrs and incremental charges after that (I donot remember
the fine print!) How does it compare with Netcom? I do not have a
service for my home PC, all the communication that you get from me
originates on my office UNIX workstation. One of its drawbacks is
that I cannot access via FTP the archives/library of Theos-L.

4. Since I cannot access John Mead's 'guide' to Internet via ftp, can
anyone tell me of what is available of interest to potential mystics or
occultists via Internet? I am aware of Soc.Religion.eastern and
Soc.Religion.Misc but is there anything else out there?

5. I had asked the question before about the best way to acquire all
of HPB's writings (and also the ones she has referenced extensively,
like 'Esoteric Buddhism'), in particular Volume iii of SD. Any advice?

Many thanks and best regards,


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