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from Jim Anderson

Nov 04, 1993 02:06 AM
by Arnold Stoper

 To Eldon Tucker .:

     Regarding your October 15 statement,"... a human monad could not
exist as many independent human beings, with separate personalities
and bodies, at once!", note this from KH on page 285 of "The Mahatma
Letters": "The Tchang-chub (an adept who has, by the power of his
knowledge  and soul enlightenment, become exempt from the curse of
UNCONSCIOUS transmigration) - may, at his will and leisure, and
instead of reincarnating himself only after bodily death, do so, and
repeatedly - during his life if he chooses. He holds the power of
choosing for himself new bodies - whether on this or any other planet
- while in possession of his old form, that he generally preserves for
purposes of his own.  Read the book of 'Khiu-tee' and you will find in
it these laws."

     Excellent words from you on the group's openness to material and
on the organization of that material.

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