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from Jim Anderson

Nov 04, 1993 02:12 AM
by Arnold Stoper

To Jerry Hejka-Ekins .:

     Interesting clarification re your "crawling ants" on the wall.
Perhaps our experiences are fundamentally different. I'm fairly
certain I'm not "interpreting" as spiders some unfamiliar psychic
whatever. Every time, over many years, it's a spider plain as day, a
nice long look at it (several slow seconds), it crawls, then fades
away. For me (my experiences), it's gratuitous over-complication ( at
least at this point) to posit anything other than an "astral" spider
of some sort - and my question is, Why always a spider? For your
experiences, I suggest that you ask yourself if you're absolutely sure
that your ants are only an imaginative substitute. It's important, as
you say, to distinguish between what's "imagination" and what's "out
there", but a common failing of the realization of this importance is
to turn a lot of "out there" into mere "imagination." Any other
candidates for our insects-and-arachnids-on-the-wall study group?

To Everyone .:

     In the correspondence flowing through this network, I keep seeing
the word "tenants" where what is meant is "tenets." Theosophical
tenants are a landlord's theosophical rent-payers. Theosophical tenets
are basic ideas held by theosophists.

James T. Anderson

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