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from Jim Anderson

Nov 04, 1993 02:18 AM
by Arnold Stoper

To John Mead .:

     Many thanks for starting this group. You have good ideas for its
evolving structure. Eldon suggests that articles might be sent by email
"to JEM for inclusion in the library ... posting to 'theos-l' the
title, length, and a synopsis ... to let everyone know that it is
available." Are you agreed? What is the library? Yesterday, November 1,
I completed the reading of a 39-page paper I wrote for the Oakland
Branch on love, sex, and marriage from the theosophical viewpoint and
as seen in the actual lives of the leading theosophists between 1875
and 1925. After the reading, a member expressed the desire to see the
paper published. Send it to you as per Eldon's suggestion? If yes, how

                                               James T. Anderson

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