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Light - a unitary concept

Oct 31, 1993 10:49 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Thanks to those members of the network who expressed interest in
reading Jim Thillaimuthu's concept of the unitary nature of light and
radiation. Jim does not have direct access to Internet, so I will
pass messages on to him and/or you can correspond with him at the
following address : Jim Thillaimuthu, Unit15 No.576 Centre Rd.,
Bentleigh, Melbourne, Victoria 3204, AUSTRALIA Tel: (03) 557.3229.

The grand puzzle of the duality of light has been unexpectedly
resolved. The science of physics which is intended to seek truthful
knowledge of nature's phenomena, has strangely been confused with
technology's methodology needed for making artefacts. All phenomena
turn out to be deterministic.
The phenomena of light and radiation are effects of Universal Sharing
of Energy in Nature, propagating in all directions and acting-at-a-
distance. Such energy orinates in electrons orbiting in plasmas,
atoms and molecules which are accelerated to visible frequencies in
light sources as varied as the sun, chemical combustion,
bioluminescence, etc. The discovery has been provisionally called the
Shared Energy Concept (SEC). It does not denigrate technological
Resonances in the electron clouds (after W. Heisenburg) in ocular
retinal surface molecules become the cornerstone of the visual
process. We see a medeley of frequencies as evidenced by a vast
luxuriance of colours, hues, and tints in the world around : we do
not see "wavelengths" or "photons".
This concept is outlined in greater detail in a range of publications
, principally the following:
   Article on the Demystification of Physics in Toth Maatian Review
July 1992 pages 5249-55. This magazine is available in US libraries
or by contacting the publishers at 3101, 20th St., Lubbock, Texas
79410, USA
   A book entitled "Light and Radiation : a revolutionary Unitary
Concept" (140pages, 15 illustrations, colour plates) Copies are
available from Jim Thillaimuthu at 15/576 Centre Rd., Bentleigh,
Melbourne, Victoria 3204 AUSTRALIA.

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