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Short Thoughts to Andrew

Oct 27, 1993 06:10 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Andrew R.

Dark Matter.  Could this be the illusive 'plasma' or 4th state of
matter (the first three being soldis, liquids, and gases)?
According to theosophy and occultism, there is at least 90% of
existence invisible to us.  Actually the idea of dark matter
comes from scientific modeling and speculation rather than any
new discovery.

Light.  Light is quantized (i.e., focused) consciousness.  The
difference between a geometric (massless) point of consciousness,
or a monadic consciousness-center, and a quanta of light is
mainly in the semantics.  Light is both a wave and a particle.
Because light is a material expression (albeit perhaps the
highest possible expression), its dualistic nature is inherent
within it and which side it manifests depends upon how it is
observed or measured.  If light is not a particle, then it also
is not a wave.  It must be both or neither.

                          Jerry S.

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