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RE: Theosophical Astronomy/Cosmology

Oct 27, 1993 09:41 PM
by 91484615

I agree higher planes do seem to interact with our "big slow world"
I am afraid that the demis{ of the SSC will delay our progress in
gathering physical evidence of the elementary forces that create this
condensed energy that we are enjoying.  I was thinking about the
possible quantum nature of forces like karma and love, and their
theoretical exchange particles.  Maybe we can use Feynman diagrams!
I think that this is the rest of the iceburg that is physics.  Maybe
we can help the thing along a little. There is an unfortunate
disconnection between science and most of the world.  I think people
might be interested in the possibilty that we don't know very much yet,
the sea of understanding lies ahead and we have only got our feet wet.
Have you ever found a center of mass of a polygon in hilbert space?
Science can be intimadating.

Take care
Jay Amundson

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