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Re: Theosophical Astronomy/Cosmology

Oct 28, 1993 00:04 AM
by John Mead

Jay --

so good to hear from you!!  I was about to send out a search party
to save you from the academic blizzard of frozen constants and
firmly entrenched minds...

No -- I have not centered mass in Hilbert spaces.

I am taking a Math course to review Lebesgue measure/Integration
theory.  I was struck by the way that the concept of measure
can be used to sharply designate forms (or spatial sets of points)
as being Physical vs Mental.  It was interesting the way Lebesgue
set up "measure" to define an algebraic difference between measurable
and unmeasurable sets.  It seems to appear that there is a logical
and natural way to separate forms between the two planes.  I really
would like to take some time off to look at QM and see if there is
a way to look at Quantum logic and measure (set) theory to find a deeper
connection between the two.  It is too strange that they both end/lead
to Hilbert space!

oh well ...


John Mead

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