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comments regarding Alice Bailey

Oct 27, 1993 12:57 PM
by eldon

Arvind K:

My statement regarding Alice Bailey was that her writings *seem* to be
to be inconsistent with Blavatsky's. That was my impression, although
it's been about 22 years since I read from one of her books ...

We have a basic question of what is Theosophy and who are theosophical
writers. There has been disagreement among theosophists regarding
different authors. Everyone agrees on Blavatsky, but after her there
are differences among the writers and the theosophical family tree
branches out.

My favorite branch is the one based on the Point Loma Tradition, where
Purucker is held on an equal basis with Blavatsky, and *he* is
considered as the one to follow Blavatsky in the 20th century. We
obviously disagree on this point. I'd expect that there are a number
of other people held in equally high regard by of us, depending upon
which branch of the tree that they go along with. Someone else may say
Crosby, another may say Leadbeater, and even put Leadbeater higher,
by saying that where they disagree, Leadbeater is the one who is right!
It's a matter of personal preference.

I'm not too concerned in differences between how the various writers
say that they got the material for their books. My main interest is
in the content, and what it does for me. Reading Purucker, Judge,
Blavatsky, and certain other authors, I sense a certain thought
current that appeals to me. I did not get the same feeling years ago
when reading Bailey. I enjoy both the content and the elevating
atmosphere, the spiritual effects of the reading, and leave it to
everyone to choose their own source.

When I talk about what I personally believe, though, I'd say that
there's something special in certain theosophical works that is not
present elsewhere, but what I'm taking about is not readily apparent
and cannot be proven, so it has to be taken as a statement from me of
personal belief.

Regarding the content of the works, there are probably more
similarities between the writings of Besant and Leadbeater and the
writings of Bailey, than with the other mainline theosophical branches,
like the ULT, Point Loma, Pasadena, or independent branches. This will
probably come out over the coming months as our discussions progress.

The need for selfless service is important, and here is an important
point of agreement. We can start off with some comments on it. Other
points of philosophy, where they differ and where they agree, can be
discussed as they come up.

I'll write some comments on it tommorrow morning...

                           Eldon Tucker

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