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Greetings from Brazil (Fwd - by jem)

Oct 27, 1993 06:18 AM
by John Mead


I must have had a mistake in your e-mail address??? The listserv checks
each piece of mail to see who it is sent from and if they are a member
of the list before forwarding.  It rejected your message because the
letter arrived from a slightly different location than

apparantly you actually route through

This was my mistake!!  please send a message to
with the following lines as the message:

subscribe theos-L Osmar de Carvalho
subscribe theos-news Osmar de Carvalho
subscribe theos-buds Osmar de Carvalho
subscribe theos-roots Osmar de Carvalho

This will subscribe you to the lists with the *actual* e-mail address
the listserver *thinks* you are coming from!! Hence, it will accept
your future postings/requests as long as you send from the *same*
place!! If you use several different BBS's or computer addresses, you
may choose to subscribe from the all *if* you plan on sending e-mail
from those addresses also.

It is very good to have you here amoung us!!

Please note that I have resent your original message to theos-l so you
do not need to resend that one.

after you subscribe to the lists, I'll remove the incorrect address I
had for you!

Peace --

John E. Mead
p.s. your rejected message is attached for your reference only.

> To:
> Subject: Error Condition Re: Greetings from Brazil
> You are not
> subscribed to
> Your message is returned to you unprocessed. If you want to subscribe,
> send mail to with the following request:
>            subscribe THEOS-L Your Name
>  Th> also we have a new International member from Brazil!!
>  Th> Welcome to Osmar de Carvalho!!
>      Shanti, dear brothers !!
>      As I mentioned to John in a personal message, for many years
>      I have tried to contact theosophists around the world by
>      eletronic means, but never found someone.  As far I can see, now
>      I arrived to the right place.
>      The Brazilian Section of the Theosophical Society (Madras)
>      has 1200 members, and I am coordinator of a Lodge in Sao Paulo
>      City, wich has five lodges and 200 members.
>      In past July was held here the Eight World Congress of The
>      Theosophical Society, in Brasilia, wich gathered 500
>      theosophists of many countries.  We were waiting for a 747
>      of north american theosophists, but we saw only 10, if so.
>      What happened??
>  Th> You had mentioned a BBS
>  Th> in Brazil which dealt with Theosophy and Science??  We
>  Th> have several scientists and others who would be interested in
>  Th> this.
>      Not only Theosophy -- wich I represent--, but a bunch of
>      esoteric strings.  The Brazilian people is very mistic, and his
>      religiosity and espirituality has direct influence in the way
>      of Life.  Brazil is the western country wich gives more
>      credibility to reincarnation (Gallup's poll data), round
>      40% believes in it.  Right here, is frequent a firm to consult
>      an astrologer to contract a worker. This is only an example.
>      Off course, the majority of scientists face us like "crazy
>      people", but Theosophy is the most consistent view of
>      transcendent things they can grasp by works in the psychology
>      area, and the theosophical influence in the theories of
>      Sheldrake, David Bohm, Fritjof Capra and others.
>      We can talk more about this!
>  Th> Peace --
>      Shanti!
>      []s
>      Osmar de Carvalho
>      Brazil
> ___ GLASHwave/QWK v2.12

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