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Gospel of Internet

Oct 27, 1993 02:48 AM
by Dewey Val Schorre

For years I was a satisfied CompuServe subscriber.  About a year ago I
also joined netcom.  For $17.50 you can get unlimited access, any time
of the day at 14,400bps, V32bis.

There are lots of programs to download, such as Eudora, which makes
sending and receiving E-mail easy.  Professors often make their journal
articles available for downloading.  The catalogues for the University
of California libraries are available, however the catalogues to city
libraries don't seem to be there, even when they are available in
electronic form at the libraries themselves.

I still keep my CompuServe account because there is some data available
there but not on the internet.

In case anyone is interested in pursuing this farther, here are to good
suppliers of internet accounts.  Other internet suppliers have 800
numbers, but their monthly charge is usually so high that it is cheaper
to pay for long distance calls.

$50.00 setup,$19.50 per month, reduced to $17.50 per month if you give
them your VISA card number and let them charge automatically.

RAIN Network
P.O. Box 2683
Santa Barbara, CA 93120

$35 start-up, quarterly ($30), bi-annual($60) or full year ($120)
prepayments.  At present they have a Santa Barbara number, but I
understand they will soon have an additional number in Ventura that
will make it a local call to Ojai.  I will probably switch to them when
that is available.

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