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Oct 22, 1993 07:37 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

to Eldon

Thanks for your example of a bird flying thru a library -- it's
perfect.  But I may have a question on your point that paranormal
powers don't come along with spiritual development.  If you mean
that paranormal powers developed in this lifetime by the personality
don't adhere to the individuality and are therefore temporary, I
agree.  If you mean that spiritual development doesn't include
paranormal powers, then I don't follow...???

To Jerry S.

I still don't understand multiple infinite entities. If one entity is
infinite, where can the second entity exist, except within infinity?
And therefore unless its occupying all the planes exactly as the first
entity, it must be less than infinite. Seems to me these monads
must be relatively infinite.

to Jerry HE

Thanks for your comments on condensation and mythmaking -- I really
got a lot from the idea of condensation.  But why is remembering
so powerful?  Do you suppose this is material that is desperately
trying to come into conscious awareness, and that the hypnotic
or relaxed state is just what is needed to pierce the veils?

Sorry we missed you last week.  Thanks for the info on
Jessica.  She's getting better every day.

I correspond with several prisoners who are extremely well
read and willing to examine new ideas.  I wring my hands
over the psychically sensitive ones -- one that I write to
can't even shake hands with other prisoners without feeling
bad.  Sigh

To John
Per your request   Theosophical Society
                   Post Office Bin C
                   Pasadena  Ca  91109
                  818 797 7817

Tell me how to order a tee shirt.  I'd love to get one.  Do you
take credit cards?  Please give details.

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