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T-shirt info...

Oct 22, 1993 07:37 AM
by John Mead

Hi --

regarding the rather strong response about the T-shirts...
1) 100% Cotton
2) Light Blue
3) Sizes XL and L (Possibly Small and Medium too)

I think if you send me ( e-mail stating quantity,
size, and postal address; then I'll send them out as we get them in.
After you receive them, then you can send the $10 + postage.
I'll bring the question up with the T-shirt committee
and see if it's ok.  The first orders should be in (Charlotte)
by Wed next week.  We want to see the first few couple dozen before
we actually put something in the AT (if they let us). Quality control

The symbol has the Snake outlined, one of the triad's outlined, and
the Swastika is "smoothed" to avoid the sharp angles (rather like the
whirling of Fan Blades.  The South has alot of active white
supremists, so we wanted to avoid the exacting/angular look of the

Our study Center is going to have a Saturday picnic with
T-shirt paints to fill in some of the outlined shapes with colors.
This allows some freedom of expression etc.  A few of us want to keep
the colors somewhat standardized (or limit the selections) in order to
avoid any gross metaphysical mistakes. :-)    Our Charlotte TS
group is overly creative,  so we may end up with some strange
Shock-ras !! The shirts look really good just as they are too.

Peace --

John Mead

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