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TS Tree & Santa Barbara ULT

Oct 19, 1993 04:30 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

to Michael Meyer -

     <your msg 24-Sep-93><...Santa Barbara is...the same but differ- IS different, special.  Why, because one (or two) of its
     most prominent members hold a very special place in a "lineage".>
     Is this something you could elaborate on briefly?  I am an Adyar
     TS'er and am generally ignorant about people and organizations in
     other parts of the movement.  Truthfully, I am not all that
     knowledgeable about history and personalities within Adyar and
     its groups.  If information about the Santa Barbara ULT prominent
     members and their role in the TS movement is not confidential, I
     would like to know more.  If sharing the information would, in
     any way, in your opinion, serve no useful purpose, then ignore my

     Peace -

               Leonard Cole

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