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CBS Parliament Documentaary

Oct 19, 1993 04:25 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

to John Mead -

     <your msg 25-Sep-93 CBS Broadcast of Parliament>  Thank you for
     the program alert.  I spread the word as quickly as possible
     among the Oakland Branch members, and several viewed the program.
     I also taped the program for circulation among those who could
     not view the program when it aired.

     Unfortunately, in the San Francisco Bay Area, the program was
     interrupted by a CBS News Special which lasted about 10 minutes
     to report the then unfolding developments in Moscow.  So, with
     that 10 minutes lost and another 10 minutes lost for commercials,
     the presentation gave only approximately 10 minutes of real
     content.  It is unfortunate that CBS didn't make a professional
     documentary effort for this worthy purpose and create at least a
     1-hour program.  Anyway, thank you for the timely alert.

     Peace -

               Leonard Cole

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