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Hello again!

Oct 18, 1993 04:03 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

Hello, Everyone!

     Although I haven't been in touch for awhile, I'm still around.  I
     got behind with my correspondence (and my volunteer work) in
     August and only now am I about to get caught up.

     My mother's body died August 16, and I made a hurried trip to
     Oklahoma for the memorial service celebrating her life and burial
     of the body.  August 24 to 28, my wife, Rauha, and I attended The
     Theosophical Society in America Summer Conference in Wheaton, IL.
     Then we went to the Parliament of the World's Religions in Chicago
     until September 4, and returned home Sep 5.  Altogether, a very
     busy period from the middle of August through the first week of

     I never expected to be very interactive in this Study Group,
     because of time limitations, but I AM monitoring the very
     interesting discussions.  I print all the messages sent to the
     subscribers list and share them with Rauha, and occasionally with
     others in the Theosophical Society in Oakland, of which we are
     members.  So, even if I have not been a visible participant, I
     have diligently viewed the mail.  Just thought you might like to
     know I'm listening and nodding my head now and then.

to John Mead -

     Are we going to study anything in particular, or will we continue
     free-wheeling discussion?


               Leonard Cole, CompuServe 71664,3642

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