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welcomes and inquiries

Oct 17, 1993 09:59 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

 I just got back from a weekend trip and found thirteen new
messages on e-mail, and can't resist making a quick reply before
getting back to work.

To Nancy:

     Thanks for your interest in "Are We Chained to the Past." I
will put a copy in the mail in the next day or so. Yes, I feel
that its message may be even more relevant now than when I wrote
it almost ten years ago--especially for those who are vested in
repressing the past.  But unhappily, they are the ones that
usually miss the point.  One of the greatest spiritual exercises
I know of, is to acknowledge mistakes, make restitution for any
damage that came out of them, find ways no avoid repeating them,
and get on with life.  I think it would be a nicer world if this
exercise became popular.

To Christopher A. Chambers:

     Welcome aboard. I would like to hear about your ideas
concerning meditation, and what it has done for you.

To Jerry Schueler:

     I enjoyed very much your discussion concerning your wife and
experiences with Tarot.  My aunt (now long deceased) used to
practice astrology, and was exceptionally good at it.  She too,
after some forty years quit doing it for people because she kept
finding tragedies.  I wonder how common this is, and if it may be
an inherent fatal flaw in the practice of the occult arts.  I'm
looking forward to time when our paths finally cross, as I
suspect that we have a lot to talk about.
     Regarding your disagreement with Purucker concerning the
blending of planes--I have always associated this idea with the
concept of planes being made up of subplanes, sub-subplanes etc.-
-thus sort of a holographic model might be an instructive
comparison.  Your quantum model is also interesting as it implies
discreet energy fields.  How would you rectify the two models?

To Andrew Rooke:

     Thank you for bringing up "theosophical astronomy," as it is
an old and dear interest of mine.  I have always called it
"esoteric astrology,"  but what's in a name?  Have you looked at
Purucker's FOUNTAIN SOURCE OF OCCULTISM?  I feel that it is the
most fascinating and exciting exposition on the subject that I
have ever seen.  There is a chapter on Kosmocrators that
discusses the relationship of the sacred planets to the Earth,
and suggests to me that the key to this relationship of Venus to
the Earth, concerns a relationship of Venus to our own higher

To Eldon:

     Over the years, I have grown into the conviction that those
"psychic powers" that are commonly experiences (i.e. empathic
communication, telepathy, clairvoyance, pre-cognition etc.) are
more concerned with our animal rather than our spiritual nature.
Have you run across anything to confirm or contradict this?

          Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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