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Theosphical astronomy - Venus

Oct 17, 1993 05:21 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Greetings from friends and companions Downunder! We are enjoying
having access to the network - particularly the current discussion on
psychism which is an endless topic of conversation at our meetings. I
wonder if anybody out there has an interest in theosophical
astronomy? It has always been a strong interest of mine and I have
found it a very good way of introducing people to theosophical ideas
as most people have a fascination with space and a natural attraction
to the beauty of the heavens.

In particular I have been interested in the realationship of the
planet Venus to the Earth on the inner planes. Theosophical
literature speaks in general terms about the close relationship
between the two planets, but, in typical style, does not go into
details, preferring rather to leave such matters to the intuition of
the student. HPB speaks of Venus as the Earth's "primary and its
spiritual prototype" and "every sin committed on Earth is felt by
Usanas-Sukra(Venus)..."Every change on Sukra is felt on, and reflected
by, the Earth" G de Purucker says "It is perhaps the most closely
connected with the Earth in a number of ways; and it has been said
that wherever Venus goes, there goes the Earth also, and vice versa"
Nowhere, as far as I can see is the exact realtionship spelt out.
Maybe someone on the network has further information on this subject
to offer? In view of the recent space mission to Venus showing us a
planet wide runaway atmospheric greenhouse effect and desolate
volcanic landscape, can this be in store for us if we follow all that
happens on our sister planet?

Andrew Rooke - Melbourne - Australia

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