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Oct 16, 1993 08:40 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

To Jerry HE

       I would like to read the editorial you mention, Are We
Chained to the Past?, as it sounds relevant  still.

To Eldon --

I don't understand what you meant by the split being undone
       by Pasadena -- could you elaborate?

To Jerry S --

       Thanks for your discussion on yogic magic -- I think
that you are on the trail of something when you wonder if Jesus
or HPB might be excommunicated if they were here among us.  Seems to
me part of their task was to wake us up, so whatever we are comfortable
with would be what we'd need to wake up from -- not a pleasant
thought to most of us.  So, my friend, how do we keep from falling
asleep, how do we wake up to begin with.  How can we appreciate
the past, our traditions, our principles, without endlessly quoting
them and getting stuck in them?
   I was not able to read you last message, would you resend it please.

Thanks.  from Nancy C.  Bye.

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