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Re: something special

Oct 16, 1993 01:23 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

To Eldon, From Nancy

Thanks for your notes.  I agree that psychic capabilities are not
to be toyed toyed with  But don't we use our psychic abilities
in daily communication and thinking -- why do we have to talk
about them as 'wonders' etc?

   Sorry we will miss you in San Diego this weekend.  Although
there may be some week night meetings, I never get to them.  We'll
be back down  Nov 21 -- maybe we can visit then.

    Some of my messages did not get posted because of my lack of
systems skills, so I don't know if my message with my question
about past lives was already received.  No one has commented so
I'll ask it again.  Some therapists are finding that patients
with medical/clincal symptoms and problems, are healed/relieved
after doing past-life regressions.  How can we as theosophists
begin to explain what might be happening? We say that
We have a body of literature that discusses dying, death
and after death states that don't include remembering past lives.
Are people connecting to something other than a past life?  Why
should it appear to be satisfying?

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