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inclusion vs exclusion

Sep 30, 1993 11:08 PM
by John Mead

Thanks to all for the thoughtful feedback.

I wanted to flush my list of comments before it gets
lost (again).

1) Welcome Jay!  glad you are back with us!  Hope to hear more from you.

2) I found Michael's Terminology in his essay to be well chosen.
I seem to recall that the definitions were locally implied and
consistent throughout,  so that the emergent Light was easily
discerned (it burned the fog off).

3) I confess that Brenda sometimes leaves me in the fog; but I enjoy her
letters and they are always uplifting! Thanks!

4) a general comment on future Theosophical movements; It is because
the movements are in a process of formulation that they appear
to be so fluid.  This is quite a different situation than outright fads
and ill-formed ideas or Theosophy-Lite.

5) Per Jerry's questions on Inclusion vs Exclusion:
I think that Inclusion within a mental scope in no way
implies that the concepts included are therefor ones which
are somehow selected because of a measure of worth.  They are included
only because they are present. Measures of worthiness are domained
on a different set-theory. period. All This is That, and that's all!
A personal Judgement is an ego-operator.  I have a strange belief
that this was a fundamental teaching in Christianity that has
been unfortunately crucified.  I think that when we get to basic
morals and ethics we would all agree anyway. So the problem of
Judgement is vacuous,  and we can focus on what actions we
select to perform/construct rather than focus on those to try to prevent
or destruct. i.e. Just create Good, and Shiva will do the rest! :-)

6) a general comment on the list:  I really enjoy the discussions
and hope that my comments are not taken as a personal criticism by

It is alot like mental skeet!  we are all expected to fire!
if not, then why are we here?  The trick is to remember that Shiva will
ultimately destroy any score-cards that someone may foolishly keep!

Peace -

John Mead

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