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new world view (theosophical)

Sep 27, 1993 09:03 PM
by John Mead

I was very pleased to read the article that Michael posted along
with the several commentaries that followed. I was happy that
he agreed to let us add it into the Theos-l (future) Library.

I think it not only addresses a problem whose presence is often
ignored, but also brings up a possible reason why many of the younger
theosophists ultimately disconnect themselves from the structure of
the various formal "societies"(?). In fact the majority of
complaints I receive about the Adyar branch stress it's overly
Dogmatic attitudes rather than a "doctrineless" society of
free thought. Appearances are indeed relative. :-)

Michael raises a very good question as to what Theosophy should
*actualize* as goals and messages focused towards a Next Generation
of evolution. The first Object addresses the formation of a communal
entity/awareness or nucleus of Humanity. I think that the world has
currently achieved that Object of global awareness. We are in a global
community where the evening  Moscow news is as accesible to me as the
local evening  Charlotte NC news. After we create a Global community
what do we *do* with it?  Is the Next Generation to take a
Theosophical approach to life, and if so what is it?

Let us remember too that evolution of the World is not simply
a matter of looking at each individual's level of growth. The
interactions between us develop a World-Mind which has it's own
level of consciousness which is much more important than
any single individual's level of awareness. This Global
mind has indeed grown at an exponential pace, even though each
individual is still very undeveloped. Hence, we have a unique
oppurtunity to accelerate our (planets) own Global evolution, and even
actively direct it. When one is only worried with a personal
level of growth, than simple local study centers may satisfy
the questions of the average seeker. But here (on the neural network
of Humanity --- Internet), we have to look towards the growth of
the totality of the planet-being. Here, the Wholeness of the world
is our primary field of interaction, and the primary "mentality"
which is *undergoing* the evolution.

Sri Aurobindo is one of my favorite authors, and I think his vision
of a new Human-being which can consciously direct his/her own
evolution is a self-reflective future which is (now) somehow obtainable.

Indeed, if we expand the consciousness of the environment in which
we live, we *will* accelerate our own growth too. In this manner we
can envisage a uniting of all aspects of existence to facilitate the
Growth and evolution of the entire world. This eclectic appears to be
the next phase for immediate Human expansion. Theosophy should help
to formulate and guide our actions; to help us do *what* we are doing --
*better*, and with more assured success. This is (a part of) the new
world view which needs our active attention.
(History has it's place; but it does not address our current
theosophical needs (unique to this day)).

Take Care -

John Mead

p.s. I don't mind discussing some history or refining some terms;
but why don't we just write it out to several files and then put it in
the Library??  :-)

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